7 Singapore Instagram Spots You Must Visit!

When mentioning Singapore, you probably would think of a concrete jungle, populated with millions of people rushing through life. It might be true to say so, but amongst the busy city lies an incredibly beautiful urban landscape. It’s a country with futuristic designs and high-end architectural buildings. Who could resist falling in love with this city?

Here are the Instagram-worthy places that I’ve visited. I would consider some secret locations, and although it may already be well known by the locals, I wouldn’t have gone there if it weren’t for the locals.

1. Marina Bay 

This Instagram spot is located just outside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. It’s especially beautiful and Instagram-worthy at night time. The tall buildings ahead are referred to as the Central Business District, where most of the banks are. In the mists of the majestic view standing in front of you, there will be a Laser & Fountain Show nightly, open to the public for free at 8:00 PM and 9:30 PM. Make sure you’re on time to see them. You’ll be blown away by the scenery of the mystical night and the dance of sound and light.



2. Gardens by the Bay

The most popular attraction site in Singapore could be none other than the spectacular Gardens by the Bay. It’s an eco-friendly urban garden which comprises of innovative environmentally sustainable functions. Displaying a ‘city in garden’ model, the venue exhibits a myriad of exotic tropical flowers, as well as those from various regions and changes throughout the season which are kept in atmospherically controlled greenhouses. The Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and the Supertree Grove are an absolute must when it comes to Instagramming. You’ll definitely be left in awe when seeing the magical gardens of Singapore.

The Flower Dome

The Cloud Forest

The Supertree Grove

3. Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Now it’s time to reveal one of the secret Instagram spots tourists often don’t know of – at least for tourists like me. Fortunately, I had some local friends showing me around, so I managed to add another Instagram-worthy photo on to my feed. The appealing Durian building is Singapore’s performing arts center. I would have to admit that I went there for the cool air-conditioner and of course, to explore around. However, the highlight for phototaking would be its rooftop garden. Facing the waterfront, the rooftop offers a panoramic view of the futuristic city. You’ll be able to see Marina Bay Sands, the Central Business Districts, and the prestigious hotel buildings. It’s a spot for young couples, friends to gather together and enjoy the feeling of pleasure.

A Tourist Shot with the Cityscape

4. Roof Garden at Orchard Central Mall

Notoriously the largest and busiest shopping district in Singapore, Orchard hides its scenery jackpot on top – the roofs above the malls. Before you laden your hands with multiple shopping bags, give this roof garden a visit. The meticulously grooned garden will give you lush serenity above the commotion of the shoppes below. This unique feeling of fresh verdance on the mall emphasizes the green city vibe of Singapore.

  My friend, @atinytintin enjoying his time at the rooftop garden.

The View from Orchard Central Mall Rooftop

5. Marina Square Mall Rooftop

We all know that Marina Bay Sands, the Central Business District, and the Esplanade Mall (or colloquially known as the Durian Mall) are our favorite views. Now imagine how it would be like to see these buildings all together? Atop of the Marina Square Mall, a rooftop vista offers a different perspective of the cityscape which is worth observing. You’ll be astounded by the greens of nature and the blue-toned buildings residing together, creating the most picturesque images. I would consider this site to be reclusive, because I did not expect to encounter such a captivating panorama as I was about to enter this rooftop, and how wonderfully the Insta photos would turn out!

The Stunning View from Marina Square Mall Rooftop

6. Botanic Garden & National Orchid Garden

Entitled as the UNESCO world heritage site, the Botanic Garden showcases bountiful variety of plants and flowers. The nature preserved area is a visual delight. For those of you who enjoy horticulture, this will be a refreshing journey for your soul. If you’re not into plant cultivation, don’t worry, as this garden will brighten up your mood and diminish any melancholy in your heart. The magical gem that lies within the Botanic Garden is the Orchid Garden which costs only $5 for foreigners to visit. It is a must place to see. Thus, get ready to be stunned by colorful orchids such that you can’t put your camera down.

Strolling Through the National Orchid Garden

7. Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk is a shopping mall with architectural beauty. Its building has many potential Instagram spots which hide at the roof and around the mall. Look up and you’ll see the mall’s symmetrical pattern roof. Outside is the metal maze which is the unique part of the building and would create a distinctive image. Walk outside the first floor of the building and you’ll find a striking fountain flowing down gracefully along the concrete wall.

The Concrete Fountain and I


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